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Omnia Livestream

Stream live and record your services, events, meetings and anything else your ministry needs

Livestream Services & Events

Stream your services and events to your website, Facebook, and YouTube all at the same time. Broadcast your message to a wider audience and reach more.


Just one click for each service and Omnia Livestream automatically streams, records, and fills in your Episode's data so it's ready to go at the end of your stream. You can then view, edit, or share it anywhere.

Easy To Use

Something powerful is only as useful as it is easy to use. That's why we focused on usability for volunteers when designing Omnia.

Automatic Episodes

Auto-Episodes allow you to put in details about your Episode into an Episode Template. This allows you to setup things like the Thumbnail Image, Title, and day of the week for your stream beforehand.

Omnia then uses those details from your Episode Template to fill in your Episode every time you stream. Of course, you can always change the info on each Episode afterward if needed.

This can save you hours of training and setup each week.

Feature Wall

Our ever-growing list of features


Auto-Episodes are at the heart of what Omnia's goal is when trying to Make Church Simple. You can setup an Episode Template once start streaming, Your Episode will go Live and Auto-Archive as soon as you stream with all of the info filled in automatically.

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The days are gone where you have to send multiple streams with different resolutions and bitrates. Just send us your highest resolution stream and we will automatically transcode it to several different resolutions and bitrates for you.


You have viewers with varying internet speeds and screen resolutions. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming allows your viewers to have an optimized stream for their specific device and internet speed.

Episode Gallery

All of your Episodes are displayed beautifully in a grid format. Your viewers can simply click on an Episode and it will immediately start playing in your player.

Omnia Player

We have worked diligently to provide you with one of the best players available. Fully Responsive, Sub-second Scrubbing, Automatic video-loss fallback, sharing, go-to-live and more all packed into one player.

Plus, you can embed it straight on your website or mobile app!

Use Any Device

Omnia Livestream works on any device or screen size. All of our apps are responsive and designed specifically to work on any device so your team and viewers can connect at home or on the go.

Super Hero Support

We take great pride in our privilege of supporting churches and ministries around the world. Our support team is available to you 24/7 through online/email chat as well as phone support for emergencies, even on Sunday mornings!


Never miss the opening song of your service again with DVR. Your viewers can join your Livestream at any time and rewind back to any point in your stream. There are also "rewind" and "live" buttons on the live player that allows a viewer to go back 30 seconds or go forward to live.

Your Channel

Every team is given their own Omnia Channel for free where you can send your viewers if you don't have a website. They will see your Live Player, Episodes and a Bible to follow along.

No Ads

You don't have to be afraid of what your viewers are going to see between worship songs anymore! Whether you are on the Forever Free Plan or on any paid plan, you will never see an ad.

Episode Thumbnails

Every service and event can be unique, so you can have a unique thumbnail for every Episode. It will be shown in your Episode Gallery and Live Player.

Unlimited Viewers

We do not limit the amount of viewers that you can have, whether concurrently or ever. Grow your ministry as big as you want!

Stream Integrations

Send us your stream and we can send it to Facebook, YouTube and your website! Gone are the days of needing to send multiple streams.

Mobile Streaming

We provide you with an m3u8 HLS URL so you can view your stream on your mobile app, Roku, and more

Unlimited Space

Tired of counting Gigabytes? We have an Unlimited Plan that allows you to store as much as you want without charging you for space.

Omnia Livestream Plans

Omnia strives to provide all of our products with the lowest cost and highest quality in the industry.

Omnia Livestream charges the base Plan amount plus a Video Storage rate.

Plans here are priced per month. Yearly plans are also available with 1 month free every year.

Forever Free

$ 0
  • Free Livestream
  • Most Recent Episode


$ 14
  • Everything in Free Plan
  • Unlimited Episodes
  • $0.12 /GB Video Storage


$ 49
  • Everything in Basic Plan
  • Facebook / YouTube
    Live Streaming
  • $0.10 /GB Video Storage


$ 99
  • Everything in Standard Plan
  • Worldwide CDN
  • Phone Support
  • No Charge for Video Storage

Join churches from around the world today.

What Omnia Users Are Saying

Rich F.

You’re a customer happiness hero!

Thomas S.

Omnia has consistently awed us with their commitment to helping us get our live stream working. When we first decided to live stream we tried out a few other competitors too. Because of their attention to details, we quickly decided that Omnia was the correct choice.

Kevin M.

Omnia continues to be the greatest tech help on the planet.

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