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Omnia Livestream 2.0


Even though we can’t talk about all of the things we have planned, this update is a huge step forward and we are bringing it to you absolutely free!

Here is an Overview List of the updates. More details are below.

    New faster, more robust framework
    New beautiful User Interface
    Episode Thumbnails
    Episode Gallery
    Unlimited Plan for Omnia Livestream
    Giving partnership with Giving.Church (Kindrid)

New Framework
This is one of the biggest changes that most people will never see. We completely rebuilt Omnia Livestream from the ground up using an amazing framework that opens up whole new possibilities for us in the future, including creating an integrated Omnia Mobile App. Although you may not be able to see it, there is a lot more going on under the hood, and it still manages to be almost 10x faster than before and support more devices, browsers, and operating systems.
New User Interface

When we create new user interfaces we want to make sure it is intentional and for a specific purpose. We don't want to just change things around for the sake of doing so, but rather build the user experience so its better and easier to use for each and every person.
That said, we really think you are going to like the new, slick UI that we have built for the Omnia Livestream 2.0 Update. It is designed to be easy to read, easy to navigate, and most importantly, easy to understand.

Episode Thumbnails

One of our most requested features is finally here, Episode Thumbnails! You will now be able to individually upload thumbnails to each Episode! Since we want to always keep things easy and straightforward, we've built it to intelligently decide which thumbnail to load.
So.... today we want to introduce to you: Automated Thumbnails.
Here's how it works:

    If you upload a thumbnail to an Episode, that thumbnail will be used anywhere that Episode shows up.
    If you don't have thumbnails for an Episode, it will fallback to the thumbnail on your Default Episode Template.
    If you don't have a thumbnail on your Default Episode Template, your Episode will then use your Team's Logo as its thumbnail.

Episode Gallery

We have created an all new Episode Gallery to house all of your Episodes in a beautiful grid that's easy to view and choose from. Your viewers can click on any Episode to automatically start playing it in the Omnia Player. We have more features on the roadmap for the Episode Gallery such as search and filters.

Note: If your Omnia Player is embedded on your website, you may want to grab the new embed code since it now includes the Episode Gallery. Your old embed code will still work for a while, but it won't include the Episode Gallery.

Unlimited Plan

We have heard a lot of feedback from churches that want an Unlimited Plan so they have a consistent cost every month with no surprises, which we totally understand. We built our pricing model with the aim to offer the most affordable plans in the industry while also delivering excellent quality service and support. However, we understand that having a fixed cost is ideal, which is why we are announcing our very own Omnia Livestream Unlimited Plan. This will be a higher-tiered plan where you don't have to worry about Video Storage rates or your costs ever going up. As always, we will make sure it will be affordable more reasonable than pretty much anyone else out there. If you can find a better price for the same quality, we will match it every time.
Also, it will include with our usual 1-month free if you sign up yearly. 😁
Online Giving

We have a great relationship with all giving platforms and always encourage our customers to use the best solution for their needs, but we also strive to built strong, long-lasting partnerships with other church-oriented companies and organizations that seem to have a similar heart for helping churches. This rings true with Kindrid and their giving/tithing product, Giving.Church. We have currently set up the foundation to accomplish helping churches thrive and we are also working with them for future integrations.

If you would like to get started with Giving.Church, you can sign up here.
If you would like to get your Online Giving platform setup with Omnia Sites or your Omnia Livestream Player, feel free to reach out to us and we will get it setup for you.

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