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Facebook Live is here!

If you thought we released some amazing features with the last update, you are going to love this week's! We now have the feature everyone has been waiting for! That's right, Facebook Live! You can now stream directly from Omnia to your Facebook Page with minimal setup required. Now get out there and reach all those fans of yours!

    Facebook Live - Streaming directly to Facebook Live from Omnia. Learn how at our helpful tutorial here
    Stream Integrations -  new panel on Livestream Dashboard to make setting up new Stream Integrations like Facebook Live a breeze.
    Episode Restriction - Added "Locked Episodes" section on Episode Dashboard to allow user to see Episodes that are locked on the Forever Free Plan. You can also now Upgrade your plan straight from the Episode Dashboard.
    Updated some backend frameworks that will allow us to build more amazing features for you in the future!
    Fixed Password Reset Page - had a bug that wasn't allowing some users to reset their password.
    Minor bug & UI fixes

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