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Bye, Bye, Flash. Hello, SSL Security and more!

SSL encryption across all of Omnia. We have always valued security and our main website ( has always had SSL security, but now we've made our livestreams completely secured using HTTPS and industry leading encryption. This means everything you do on Omnia is encrypted to ensure optimal security, no matter where you are. If you are saying to yourself right now, "I don't think that really matters to me", just think of it this way... If you are using insecure websites with a password that you happen to use somewhere else, and that site gets broken into or hacked, then your password would then be public information that they can try on any of your other accounts. As a security precaution, we always advise users to use a unique password for your Omnia account, but this is just one of many scenarios where you get to benefit from Omnia having industry-leading security. 🔐

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